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16 July 2021

10 reasons to work for IMS

  1. We are Unique

We stand out from the rest, offering multiple sensor options that all connect to a single platform. This means we have a breadth of capabilities and services – from box installation to understanding driver behaviour and claims support.

We’re also leading on technology for car share and car clubs as well as new ways to charge fairly for road usage. And we’re the only telematics business that has had experience running it’s own direct to customer insurer. This gives us unique insight, data and a hugely valuable testbed – we know how our products work in the real world. We’re experts in supporting insurers and mobility partners.

  1. We Support your Career

At IMS we believe that everybody has the ability to become more self-aware and enhance their skills, behaviours and wellbeing. Our online learning platform together with partnerships with leading technology and management development providers gives everyone access to a wealth of learning and development tools. Alongside e-learning we provide regular workshops on a variety of topics from resilience to Leadership & Management development, with an emphasis on building a coaching culture.

  1. We are Global

IMS technology has been deployed in 21 countries, across North America, Europe and the Middle East. With offices in Crewe & Manchester, UK and Waterloo, Canada, and employees based across North America and Europe, we are a truly global organisation and strive to maintain an inclusive, diverse culture where we learn from each other’s experiences.

  1. We Stay Connected

We’re a sociable bunch here. From pulse employee feedback surveys, all company updates, regular internal communication, and a variety of employee representation groups such as our “Culture Club”, we ensure that individuals and teams stay connected and collaborate effectively. Working in a virtual world and across two continents, we use the best technology to build connections and relationships.

  1. We are Forward Thinking

We’re embracing serverless development, leveraging the power of AWS to help us deliver a platform that is scalable, maintainable, resilient and cost-effective.

We employ a variety of technologies, taking a ‘best tool for the job’ approach, including Python, C#, Lambda, EKS and Step Functions. Our systems manage and process over 40 million journeys a month, applying machine learning techniques to generate valuable insights for our customers to help make driving safer and smarter.

  1. We Care

We are strongly motivated by doing good. Of course, we create brilliant commercial results but that’s not at the heart of why we do it – why it matters. We’re helping young drivers to build lifetime habits of good driving. We’re helping families avoid tragedy and reducing anxiety. We’re creating conversations about how we should use roads. We’re helping our insurer and fleet partners to understand an exceptional level of detail about the journeys their customers take, so they can manage driver and vehicle risk.

  1. We are Innovative

We are the forefront of using connected vehicle data and technologies to power innovative solutions for our international portfolio of blue-chip customers.

We’ve analysed more than fifteen billion miles and fed our algorithms with over a trillion data points. But our business is about more than just data – it’s about leveraging our collective experience to drive change through data.

  1. We are Flexible

We really care about our people and encourage everybody to take care of themselves, by offering flexible working hours, remote working options, and a generous holiday allowance. We understand that our people have lives outside of work and want them to feel supported and balanced.

  1. We are Customer Centric

Our customers, whether that be in the Insurance or Mobility space, need insight. They need deeper knowledge of how their customers use roads, so they can make better decisions. They’re managing dynamic risks and use the information our technology gives them to make decisions about driver and vehicle risks.

They work with us because we listen to them, we understand them, and we focus on getting good results quickly. We help them to solve problems with our innovative thinking.

  1. We are #DrivingChange

We have rich stories across our business and across all of our geographies. We have distilled these down into one phrase that says it all: Driving Change. We’re driving change in the industry by combining brilliant technology, data and people. And we’re also driving change in our careers: we’re not afraid to try and fail if it means learning and delivering for our internal and external customers.